Italian Exclusive Vacations

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At the crossroads of ancient civilizations, diversely influenced by the Greeks, Arabics, Normans & Spaniards. A melting pot of cultures, flavors and tastes. Sicily is rich in historic sites – some of the best well-preserved Greek ruins (Valley of the[…]

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Sardinia & the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast)

Renowned as the playground of the rich and famous, the Emerald Coast is a magnificent example of beauty and natural wonders. Famous for its prehistoric and Phoenician settlements, as well as its unspoiled beaches and fascinating villages. Visit the ancient[…]

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Costiera Amalfitana

The Amalfi Coast

The incredibly picturesque Amalfi Coast known as “la Divina”. A place of exceptional beauty and splendor, perhaps, the most romantic place on earth. You will be spellbound by the natural beauty and cultural treasures of this land. A pleasant stay,[…]

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Villaggi Medievali

Medieval Villages

There are about 250 ancient villages from North to South of Italy to choose from. The medieval villages or “borghi” are unique and full of wonder. Places that will shower visitors with priceless gifts: centuries of history recounted by ancient[…]

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Venice – La Serenissima

An ancient empire, unique to the world.  There is no place on earth where the streets are canals, where mystery and intrigues invites you to explore the many side canals.  Once a maritime marvel, Venice still captures the romance and[…]

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Cooking Theme Programs

What better way to experience Italy? Why, through our love of good food, of course! Immerse yourself in one of our special cooking programs, be it Northern Italian or traditional Southern Italian cooking, we offer the best hands-on experience. Cooking[…]

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Rome, the Eternal City

The city of the Roman Empire which influenced most of Europe and at one time controlled the entire continent and beyond. Visit the ancient and magnificent Colosseum, the Roman Forum or perhaps explore the ancient Appian Way – the highway[…]

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