Italian Exclusive Vacations


Sicily has become one of the top destinations inn Italy. This beautiful island has a lot to offer, from the wineries at outskirts of Mt. Etna to one of the three Papyrus making places in the world! You will have the Ionian sea on one side and the Mediterranean sea on the other side.

Where to visit when in Sicily

First, you will most likely arrive in Catania Airport. From there you can head to Taormina to stay in one of the most gorgeous hotels in Italy where all the actors, famous people choose to stay. When in Taormina, you will have the chance to visit the beautiful Greek Theatre of Taormina. It was initially built to hold musicals or dramatic performances but later in Roman times it was used for games and gladiatorial battles. This beautiful structure is one of the must see places in Taormina.

Second, if you are in Sicily, you MUST see one of the world’s most active volcanos, MT. ETNA. Is it not only beautiful from far but also with closer look you can actually see the smoke still coming out of her, constantly, like everyday. When you are visiting MT. ETNA, you can also stop for local wine tastings at outskirts of the mountain or go to a bee farm to buy locally produced honey.

Third, not a very known speciality of Sicily but when in there, you can visit one of the three remaining Papyrus making places in the world! The reason why, its simply because the Papyrus plant only grows in certain part of Sicily. This family own place still produces paintings and invitations on Papyrus that only the elite part of Italy can afford. Because of it’s cost. It is so amazing that you will get to see how the Papyrus is made from scratch.

So now, you have an idea on where to go in Sicily but you also need a knowledge guide who can tell you all about the history of these places.

Visit Sicily, you won’t regret it.