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Where and what to eat when visiting Italy

Suggestions for local food in Italy: 

It is always a struggle to find the best places to eat when you are in Italy. And comes deciding on what to eat. We have put a list of places and must try foods for our clients when they are traveling to Italy. These recommendations are from our local guides. Italian Exclusive Vacations does not have any connections or make reservations with these places. Don’t forget, Italy has a lot to offer when it comes to food. These are just recommendations to make your visit a bit smoother.


Pasta is the main element of Roman Cuisine. We know you will try pasta on your first day in Rome to be able to make a comparison with what you have had in the past. Therefore, we will recommend you some local places for local food.

  • La Prosciutteria: It is located in Via della Panetteria, 34/A 00187. They have fabulous platters. You can choose the one with meat or without. They have a lot of options for you.
  • Panino Divino: This small local place is known for its famous sandwiches. There are delicious and affordable.


We probably all know that cities of Tuscany region are all know of their wines. However, Tuscan food is another example of local food in Italy. Tuscan cuisine all includes local produces, cheese and grilled meat. In this city, we will recommend you places for wine tasting as well as local food.

  • Mercato Centrale/Food Market: This is place is not just a restaurant but it is also the local food market of Florence. It is a lovely place for food and wine tastings. This one big open space will give you the feeling of how the locals in Florence live. They have live music and local foods from artisan shows. They are open everyday from 8:00AM to 2:00PM.
  • Trattoria Za Za: This restaurant has the classical tuscan cuisine on its menu. You can go there for brunch, lunch and dinner. They are open Everyday from 11:00AM until 11:00PM.
  • Trattoria Cammilio: You may not always want to have sandwiches or restaurant style food. Sometimes you just want to taste the home-style cuisine. Then this place would be you favorite spot as they have home style kitchen.
  • Trattoria Omero: If you feel lie getting a nice piece of wonderfully cooked T-Bone steak then this is the place for you. Aside from juicy streak, they also have (my favorite Italian food) friend zucchini flowers.


Cuisine of Veneto doesn’t have a particular taste. It varies by geography. People from mountains have a complete different cuisine than the ones a the coastal area. Here are a few suggestion to taste all different flavors.

  • Antico Forno: This beautiful, small local places sells piazza flavors from all over Italy. You can grab a slice or two depending on how hungry you feel. It is also a very short walk from the Venice’s Rialto Bridge.
  • Osteria Antico Giardinetto: If you are in the mood of eating Seafood and like trying different kinds of seafood then this is the place for you. Check out their mouth watering menu.
  • Cantine Aziende Agricole: You can’t always spend a lot on food when you are on vacation. Since, you are visiting one of the expensive cities in Italy, this is a nice inexpensive place for local food.

There are a lot of places to eat while you are in Italy. It would be the last thing you will be concerned about but still it is always good have a few options in hand.