Italian Exclusive Vacations

Italy - endless adventure to discover and explore -

It offers a great wealth of small cities and villages full of remarkable Historical, Artistic and Cultural treasures as well as magnificent landscapes, divine food and features of past civilization.
Italy is a country of such incomparable beauty that an entire lifetime is not enough to see it all.

Trips Suggestions


Venice – La Serenissima

An ancient empire, unique to the world.  There is no place on earth where the streets are canals, where mystery and intrigues invites you to explore the many side canals.  Once a maritime marvel, Venice still captures the romance and[…]

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Puglia & Matera

A trip to Puglia is a journey through a continent of ancient history. Puglia is a treasure chest to be discovered, imposing architecture with stone lace and baroque embroidery which tell the history of this magnificent region.  A region renowned[…]

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Duomo di Firenze

Hidden gems of Florence

An immersive experience in the history, art, and culture of Florence, with visits to iconic sites, such as Galleria Accademia (The David), Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo above all the experience of the true Florentine culture.

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Villaggi Medievali

Medieval Villages

There are about 250 ancient villages from North to South of Italy to choose from. The medieval villages or “borghi” are unique and full of wonder. Places that will shower visitors with priceless gifts: centuries of history recounted by ancient[…]

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Costiera Amalfitana

The Amalfi Coast

The incredibly picturesque Amalfi Coast known as “la Divina”. A place of exceptional beauty and splendor, perhaps, the most romantic place on earth. You will be spellbound by the natural beauty and cultural treasures of this land. A pleasant stay,[…]

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Rome, the Eternal City

The city of the Roman Empire which influenced most of Europe and at one time controlled the entire continent and beyond. Visit the ancient and magnificent Colosseum, the Roman Forum or perhaps explore the ancient Appian Way – the highway[…]

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Sardinia & the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast)

Renowned as the playground of the rich and famous, the Emerald Coast is a magnificent example of beauty and natural wonders. Famous for its prehistoric and Phoenician settlements, as well as its unspoiled beaches and fascinating villages. Visit the ancient[…]

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At the crossroads of ancient civilizations, diversely influenced by the Greeks, Arabics, Normans & Spaniards. A melting pot of cultures, flavors and tastes. Sicily is rich in historic sites – some of the best well-preserved Greek ruins (Valley of the[…]

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Cooking Theme Programs

What better way to experience Italy? Why, through our love of good food, of course! Immerse yourself in one of our special cooking programs, be it Northern Italian or traditional Southern Italian cooking, we offer the best hands-on experience. Cooking[…]

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Traveling and making new experience every day is enhancing people’s life more than everything else.

Our clients will learn day after day how much people enjoyed life in the past and how History is fundamental to understand the common roots of all the citizen of the present world.

Traveling and making new experiences enhances people’s lives more than everything else.  Our clients experience, day after day, how much people enjoy life, both in the past and in the present. They learn that history is fundamental to understanding and appreciating the common roots of all the citizen of the world. They learn to appreciate diversity, experience the small pleasures that bring a smile to our face and lift up our hearts and spirits. 

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” 


Our clients are many and diverse, they are the first time visitors to Italy, who want to learn about the history, the art, the culture & the food.  Perhaps they are people who want to explore their ancestry, learn about the birthplace of their parent, grand parents or even great grandparents.  Our clients are the lovers of unique experiences, adventures and ready to explore! Our clients are those who, after visiting the iconic towns of Rome, Florence, Venice would like exploring lesser-known unconventional destinations, delving into the hidden gems of a region where they can experience the authenticity and uniqueness of a place.

Our clients  have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the genuine culture of a destination, to interact with locals and witness firsthand the customs, traditions and way of life that make each place unique and a place of wonder and discovery!


We have been a provider for Road Scholar, the non-profit world leader in educational travel, since 2005 and Show of the Month Club since 2000.


  • Hi Ivana, Quick note to say how wonderful our trip to Sicily & Portugal was. Marco, Maurizio were fantastic. We had such a fun time with them. Marco was knowledgeble and helpful to us all. I would highly recommend him to all. I saw Sue’s email to you about Lisbon and totally agree with her assessment. I need to tell you how great Pedro was. He wasn’t good…he was outstanding!! Thank you.

    John D. & Sue Z.
  • Ciao Isabella, Briana and I wanted to reach out to say thank you for an amazing trip. You were incredibly helpful and we would not have been able to get through everything without you. You helped make traveling around Italy and Greece so easy. Thank you so much for your availability and flexibility. Lastly, we can’t thank you enough for helping track our lost luggage, you saved the day and our trip. We certainly will be using you again. Thank you!!!

    Michele B.
  • Angela and Isabella, I just spoke to Mr. P. and he wanted to tell me how excellent and professional you both were during his trip. Angela, Mr and Mrs Paolillo loved the itinerary that you put together and found everything perfect. They thought you two were fantastic and loved everything about their trip. Thank you both very much.

    Diana E. (Travel Agent)
  • Dear Angela, I would like to share my comments, from my client, on the trip you helped organize: Hi Toni, Thank you so much! Everything was wonderful on our honeymoon – we had the best time and enjoyed every minute of it!! We loved the excursions and our transportation drivers were great. Thank you so much to you and Angela for all of your help – we really appreciate everything you did to help us have the best time! Talk to you soon, Marianne.

    Toni D. (Travel Agent)
  • Dear Isabella & Angela, Hi ladies, Lorraine called me yesterday to say she had the best trip she has ever had! I also heard from Kathleen with the same words! Lorraine was also impressed that she had the same driver a few times. Thank you for all your hard work in getting the best options for these clients. They both said they didn’t want to leave Sorrento and they want to return! Listening to them makes me want to go there, again. With great appreciation.

    Chris (Travel Agent)
  • Dear Derek, I would like to share these comments from one of the recent FITs you did, Good morning Bruce, welcome home! I am so glad you had a wonderful time in Italy with your nephew. It was a pleasure working with you to make this trip become a reality. Derek (Italian Exclusive Vacations) is amazing and really takes his time and expertise when he is putting your journey together. I feel like he is an artist putting the big picture together and connecting all the dots! Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I look forward to seeing some of your photos and hearing all about your wonderful journey. I look forward to planning your next trip, I hope you can keep my agency in mind if any of your family friends or colleagues are looking to travel!

    Susan P. (Travel Agent)
  • Hello Delaney, Just wanted to thank you for all your work on putting together our trip. We had an absolutely wonderful time! The places we visited, the hotels we stayed in and the tours and activities were perfect. The driver’s were all very professional with comfy vans. The tour guides we had for our private tours were exceptional. We all thought we learned so much! From Munich to Milan, we loved everyplace we visited! But our favorite place was Salzburg which was so surprising since we kind of used the city to get Lake Como. Can’t wait o go back there! Lake Como area was so much bigger than we thought it was. The boat tour was the best. We had so much fun with our guide! Highly recommend the winery you set up, the food was so good and it was paired with 3 different wines. The view was spectacular from the terrace. We learned that ferries are not very reliable around lake Como so it was a great that we had a driver!
    We have done family trips to Italy, Sicily and now Germany, Austria and Northern Italy with Italian Exclusive Vacations. All of them have been amazing! You guys take the time to listen to us and then find the perfect tour or activity. I recommend your office to many people for theses reasons. My son is going on a honeymoon in June of 2024. They want to go to Greece. I am giving them your email address. Thank you again Delaney. Your hard work showed on our fabulous European Vacation!

    Maureen & family
  • Dear Delaney, I just received an email from Michael. He had a wonderful trip!
    I thought I would share Michael’s email with you. Everything about the trip was awesome. Thank you SOOOO much for setting this up, PERFECT.
    We did get the wine and more little gifts at the hotel due to her birthday. Hotel in Capri was a phenomenal hotel, would absolutely go again next year- beautiful beautiful place. If you’ve never stayed I’d recommend. All hotels were perfect. Amalfi was a cute petite hotel, and we had the best room, based on the balcony location with views. Positano hotel was awesome with phenomenal private spa, entire hotel built into the mountain side! Thank you again for your assistance.

    Darlene A. (Travel Agent)
  • We have worked with Italian Exclusive Vacations for many years now, our biggest year thus far has been 2023. We have had a great partnership, we love working with Ivana and her USA team; Delaney and Derek, as well as the European team with Isabella, Angela and Ilaria, and now Ivy – based in Italy. Our clients come back HAPPY and tell all their friends, who then gets us brand new clients. We use Italian Exclusive Vacations for our Italy and Greece FIT requests, of course, but we have done Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and Belgium, as well. We even did a very complicated 3-leg trip for Budapest/Vienna and Prague. We appreciate all their hard work and are so happy to be working with them over the years and look forward to our continued collaboration!

    Bruce (Travel Agent)
  • Tim and I returned from our trip to Sicily and Rome on Saturday. Our trip was amazing from the weather to all the events you had planned for us. All your vendors were top notch and the trip went flawlessly. We cannot thank you enough for putting this together for us. We LOVED it and have wonderful memories of being with great friends. Thank you.

    Sharon & Tim